xmas deco all gone

putting away all my treasures for another year its amazing how quickly time passes and before you know it we’ll be discussing next Christmas….

here are some pics of my decor on the tree the favorite for me this year were the stars……

and definitely 2nd runner up this yr were these deer’s from the 99cent store

they’re  a hand me down from uncle Jimmy’s sister Micky and both J and I love them we did a lil ritual i hope we will repeat in years to come by saying an affirmation that coincided with the star we put up just the two of us was a sweet moment in a long year of teenagedom(i no its not a word) so i must cherish it

Coco always sleeping on the job but has to b right in the mix…
silver & gold, red & purple i think my colors were awesome
me n j she cant be interrupted its a Giants playoff game and she totally did her hair before the next pic lol
j aka the teenage monster

Now what the heck do i do with all these boxes…… I’m missing my old apt right now it had closets lots of closets i had one just for my Xmas deco this new apt is bigger but no closets ughhhhhhhh the trade off lol

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