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It’s a party hosted by My Desert Cottage and I actually didn’t make it to join the party but thought I would put together my post.  I hope it to be an awakening for me, to  get moving around here.  This place is a wreck, where I create… is everywhere lol hence the wreck
I started to paint this table in my sunroom.

where bloggers create…

It’s everywhere…
last week it was in between my sunroom & bedroom
this week I moved it to the living room to finish the details
and I will still light my apt fireplace even when the house is a wreck cause it makes me happy to see it glowing.
This is kinda how it goes for most my painting projects.  If there moveable that is, then I tend to move them all around my place to paint them.
My actual painting{craft} room is not yet established for actual painting.  My fault I’ve gotten lazy in love.  But it is disturbing me that I’m neglecting one love “the love of my home.” Maybe I could blame the lazy days of summer.  But I’ve spent some of this time hiding out from the heat, right here at home.
So this morning I gots my butt in gear.  My room went from this..
to this… I’m a very happy blogger things are picked up
now my DONNA dresser is now accessible and organized.  This has been a good good day…
IMG_5011 IMG_5010 even the DONNA dresser got its drawers looking a little better
bottoms are curtains & my collection of tissue papers its my latest obsession lol
IMG_5012 next its my Martha Stewart paints, stencils and rub & buff drawerIMG_5013 top drawers are tape, misc and anything glue related
The top of this dresser didn’t get its clean up today but as you can see it projects and all my utensils.  I do try and get cute containers for whenever I catch them on sale or at targets $1 bin.

Things are on the way to the shop, (and by on the way I mean now in my hallway waiting to be loaded in car lol) it should be a busy weekend over at Ashes Restored shop.
IMG_5039 But if you or  I think this means I will now only be painting in this room I know it’s a no.  I’m all over the place and that seems to be what inspires me most.  So I’ll keep starting things here then moving them there.  It works for me for now anyway lol. Thanks so much for visiting.

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ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects
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4 Responses

  1. jamillecostaphotography.com says:

    nice and clean ! looks like you will soon need some shelves in the storage/craft room

  2. Suzan Sweatman says:

    I paint in my living room ( wish I had a designated space though – you’re SO lucky to have one – whether you paint in it or not lol

  3. Kim Miller says:

    OMG I love your craft room! I keep attempting to coerce the testosterone carriers into consolidating and sharing a bedroom together so I can turn the smaller bedroom into an office/craft room for me and get out of my bedroom … yeah. They aren’t having it.

  1. July 17, 2014

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