when my BLOG grows up

When my BLOG grows up….. hmmmmm just makes me think I’ve barely grown up lol but time does fly so quickly and when you set a goal you sometimes surprise yourself by achieving way more but you have to start with a goal right…..

I started this blog in Dec 2011 so it really is a baby blog yet to put myself out there (in the big bad internet world) to share my love of decorating, diy & thrifting (also a new love), photography (an old love).

i’m not sure which came first the chicken or the egg and what i mean by that lol is i was really unaware of how many blogs or that people call it blogland lol i found a blog called a blonde’s diy life and she pretty much did it for me i knew this was something i could and would do i decided to make a blog and then i fell head over heals into blogland lol where i know spend any free time in my day (forget trolling fb lol) 

there is just so much inspiration & love out there and i wanted/want in!!!!

So my goal for this blog is to make friends, inspire people, share & learn all that is out here in this BIG BLOGLAND

to improve a photography habit I’ve already had for a long time see the stacks of photo boxes

to turn my apt into a calm & cozy home

so in conclusion i would say that my 5 goals are theses

1-  make new friends – who love & enjoy the things i do

2- inspire people – with my awesomeness of seeing something go from blah to WOW

3- share & lean – there is so much out there!!!

4- photography – get out the automatic mode in my new to me Nikon P100

5- get this apt looking hommey

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14 Responses

  1. J.Costa says:

    🙂 the blog looks great !! i am proud of you and all of your projects !! we can go on photography adventures together 😉

    keep up the good work
    -ja xox

  2. That’s a good question! My blog started in January as a tale of my adventures of my kids, 1 that has special needs and 1 that is just…well, difficult. But, it has ended up being just a rambling of my thoughts, which if you knew me in real life, is actually how I am..a totally ADD type person who starts one conversation in ends up in a completely different one. I’m the person at a party who can keep up with everyone! LOL So I don’t know what my blog will be when it grows up…I don’t know what I’M going to be when I gtow up!!

  3. Welcome to blogging! How exciting to share your apartment DIY adventure! Love your bar (and the fact that you like to par-tay)!

    Love your goals – I’ve already made some amazing friends thru blogging. Can’t wait to see more – new Linky follower.

    So glad you joined our link party (but of course, you are a party girl)!

  4. Patty says:

    Love your goals and your honesty. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. So happy you shared your blog hopes and dreams and goals at our link party! Just be yourself, be true to you, and they will come…



    • ARod says:

      you made me think “if you build it they will come” lol cant remember name of movie but i think Kevin Costner was in it lol

  6. reFresh reStyle says:

    You will do great! Good luck with all your goals have fun a long the way!

  7. ARod! So fun to see your goals. Hard to believe your blog is so young. Here’s to a homey apartment!