What to expect from a quality Pest Control Company

This is a sponsored post. Fall is coming which means you may be seeing a few extra spiders or some roaches here and there. As scary as that is, it also may indicate that you have a pest issue. The biggest advice I can give is to not wait and get it looked at right away. Keeping your home pest free is extremely important because nobody wants to think of those creepy crawly bugs invading your home, especially while you sleep! Aslo, other insects such as termites can actually cause damage in your home from the inside so you want to make sure you find a quality pest control client to help you out when you need it! 

If you are thinking that you need to find a quality pest control service for your first time, you may be uneasy on what to expect during their visit. In order to help you think of a few questions to ease your nerves, there are a few things you should expect but also what you want in a professional. 

  1. Time Management- The staff or individual from a pest control company should arrive on time and in their proper uniform attire. They should introduce themselves when they knock or ring your doorbell and make you feel comfortable because they will be both outside and inside your home looking for insects. You’ll want to make sure any questions or concerns that you have should be asked before they begin looking around. 
  2. Discussion of Services – While the company is there to discuss the services they offer, make sure to discuss one of the biggest services which should include your HPP or Home Protection Plan. This program includes four quarterly services visits annually, which provides your home with the most rigorous pest management program available. During this plan, your interior and exterior of your home is looked at with specific attention to the pest control issues that are appropriate for the season or weather. It should also be known that this plan also covers emergency service calls which applies to your property including your basement, mailboxes, fences, garages, sheds, outdoor play sets and pool houses. The bugs that are covered during these inspections include ground beetles, clover mites, carpet beetles, bees, boxelder beetles, ants, rats, roaches, mice and more!

Image: Surf Termite and Pest Control

3. Quality Customer Service – If you live in the New Jersey area, a professional and reliable company to look for is called Surf Termite and Pest Control. At Surf Pest, they want the experience and focus to be different. They apply their experience to determine exactly what you need without trying to upset you as the customer. They are guaranteed and same, full licensed tech to your home during each service visit along with any emergency service calls that are needed. As a family owned company and operated company with more than 30 years of experience and effective elimination of all pests, they want to give a great experience to the Jersey Shore town. Owned and operated by Steve Wrzesnewski who personally knows and creates sa plan for every single customer that they interact with and satisfaction are guaranteed. He has trained and worked with some of the big name pest control companies. The reason he started his company was because he found it frustrated with an industry that was more focused on salesmanship and balance sheets and not delivering quality and appropriate services for the customer needs. Kim Mancini joined Surf Termite and Pest Control as an Office Administrator in 2019. She brings an industry knowledge and passion for customer service. She is familiar with every customer’s unique needs and preferences and when you call the office she assured you get a friendly voice, a listening ear and no industry “sales pitch”.  You can’t go wrong with this affordable and friendly company

4. Pest Report – Make sure that you have a pest report once your inspection has been finished. Within the report, they will share their areas of concern and lay out the companies recommendations to help with the issues or problems including any decary or wood that needs to be replaced. They may also include some inaccessible spots which for example could involve needing to rip off a tile from a shower or digging into a trench to wiggle further under a house in a tight crawl space. 

Now that you have an idea of what to expect from a pest control company, even if you don’t think that you may have a problem, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Find a reliable and quality pest control company in your area and also ask for references from neighbors or trusted friends that have used the company in the past. Again, if you are in the New Jersey area, Surf Termite and Pest Control is the safe way to go for all your concerns dealing with pests in and out of your home. 

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