Valentine’s day decor at the new apartment

I love a reason to decorate and adding Valentine day décor to my home is no exception.  For the two weeks in January after all the Christmas décor is gone.  I feel like my place looks sad.  Clean but still sad.  Christmas just adds so much to my home that the after look is way to stark for me.  So I love when February rolls around and time to add all things red to my home.

Valentines day décor

The social room is where most the décor gets added.  As when guest come over this is where we gather.  Although seating is still not up to par in this room.  I find most people don’t mind either standing around or making themselves quite comfortable on my carpeted floors.

Most my décor is just dollar store finds.  I love how a little dollar store item can really pop if placed in the right places.  Like how adding these puffy hearts to a branch (found in the park and painted white with some white spray paint) can really look so well put together.

I love all glittery items and they of coarse are some of the items I always reach for.  One of my new favorite items to buy & decorate with are these paper fans and flowers.  I love how layering them can really give you a rich backdrop for any item.  And how easily they can be put away after use for another use.  Any item I can get more then one use of is a clear winner in my book.  I mean if you just use the item one time it cost you a dollar.  If you get to use it twice now it’s only cost you 50 cents and hello that’s a very smart deal.

I hope you enjoyed the view of my place and it’s valentines day décor.  Be sure and come back soon to see my St Patricks day décor.  Green is totally my jam in March.

a look back Valentine 2017

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4 Responses

  1. Carolann says:

    Love your Valentine’s Day decor Anj! Everything looks so beautiful!

  2. Sue says:

    You have a signature look. Interesting you call the room everyone gathers in the “social room.”