Turned around BAR with OFMP

I am so thrilled to be sharing my turned around bar with you all.  Last month I told you all how I’m now a brand blogger with The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co.  I revamped my kitchen table top with OFMP.  So this month I get to share with you all how this paint has inspired me to run around this bar.  It’s actually a bar that got handed down from my sister to my other sister.  Who mistakenly left it in her car when I asked her to borrow it.  She said sure take the car and made no mention to the bar that was taking up most the room in the car.  So I pulled it out and into my hall way.


turned around BAR

Well this bar sat in my hallway for about a week{OK 3 days} before I decided it would fit in my living room.  So inside it came, and sat for another while.  Until OFMP came into the picture and I knew it was time to revamp my BAR.  So I turned it around to its backside and started to paint.  Black being my go to color that of coarse came first.  But surprisingly seeing it all black didn’t do nothing for me.  It needed more…



So I mixed up a batch of the white.  I do love that OFMP is a safe, non-toxic, all natural paints.  And as I added it inspiration hit.  Stripes going up and down, as well as diagonally.  Then I thought it needs more of a pop so I grabbed some gold and silver paint I had leftover.  Taped off my squares and went to work work work lol.


This turned around BAR is now open for business.  The business of serving me drinks.


I’m really loving how easy it is to mix up this paint.  You measure out the paint equal parts powder to warm water.  With my handy dandy little whisk I mix and after letting it sit about 10 minutes.  Paint is ready to go.


I added wheels and two shelves got some contact paper pops.  Viola cocktails anyone??

I’m really looking forward to working with this paint some more. Fun times ahead.

signiture from blog


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8 Responses

  1. This is awesome! That pattern looks amazing and I would have never thought to do that. I also love the Cocktails sign that lights up. You do great work!

  2. I LOVE it turned around!! The detail you added was stunning and so YOU. What a fun transformation and the paint looks incredible. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  3. Carolann says:

    Love it Anj! You did a great job with the pattern. Wonderful transformation. It’s so you! You nailed it.

  4. fabiola says:

    ARod… What a great project you made with the fabulous OFMP. Thanks for sharing at Inspiration Galore Projects!!

  5. Sorry I’m late to this party. I had commented on FB, I think, because I know I’ve admired this awesome bar over the last month. Anyway, what vision you have in deciding the stripes and colors. It really turned out beautiful, fun and practical… hope you are finding much joy in using it now. Many congrats…

  6. Lovely pattern Arod, another great transformation. Keep up the great work!

  7. Mike says:

    Wow! This is very inspiring. The pattern looks so great and you made an amazing transformation. You are very creative!