Transformed Treasures Tuesday no 27

Time for Transformed Treasures Tuesday no 27 I made a new chalkboard well sorta.  Have you seen the new chalk markers that are everywhere.  They are made to write on glass and not a porous surface.  They come in many awesome colors and I just happen to pick up a set.  Well when I reread the box I realized I need a glass chalkboard to use them on.  So let me show you what I did…


Transformed Treasures Tuesday no 27

I came across this old frame at my sisters house.  Laying by her back door so I was like oh what is this for.  She said oh I meant to give it to you to drop off at good will.  Well I brought it home and it sat in my front hall way for quiet the while.  Until last week I came home with my awesome new chalk markers and an idea was born.  I knew I had some black paper in my wrapping paper stash.  And to me just like one + one = two this frame + black paper= a perfect glass chalkboard.


I just ripped open the backing on the frame and wrapped the picture with my awesome glittery black paper.  Then I pulled out my colorful markers and got it ready for V day coming up next month.

What do you think isn’t this an awesome fast way to make your own glass chalkboard?


Stay tunned…xoxo Arod

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6 Responses

  1. Carolann says:

    Perfect for Valentines Day Anj! Love the colors too. You are such a sassy crafter 🙂

  2. Sue says:

    Oh yes, thank you for this excellent idea to use old frames to make a glass chalkboard. I will have to look for these kind of markers to get too.

  3. Great recycle project! I love the way it turned out, it’s a very cute Valentine’s Day project.

  4. Perfect post for the upcoming month! You are very handy and crafty, unlike this DIY mom over here. Very inspiring project.

  5. Crystal says:

    I need to get that chalk. I use expo markers on our chore board that is glass frames and we have had a couple incidents with kids writing on the walls and lids being left off. I wonder how the chalk comes off walls.

  6. This is super cool. I love re-using old frames.