Transformed Treasure Tuesday’s no 8

Time for Transformed Treasure Tuesday’s no 8.  Hope your all having a great week.  I am frantically working on fixing up my closet II space.  I had shared these finds on Thrift share Thursday no 10 & Thrift share Thursday no 2.    I got one of these letter A’s back in Febuary.  Sometime it takes a while for me to get on the ball.  But I’m finally moving forward.    Yeah I’ve had these letters for quite the while.

alettersbeforeOf coarse you know these are not my colors.  So of coarse these went black & white.  My favorite colors.  I pick up letter A’s anytime I see one.  As well as R’s and now I’m always on the lookout for D’s too.  

Transformed Treasure Tuesday’s no 8



What do you think??  I’m loving them.  So I put them up in a little corner of my closet II next to my desk.  I used command strips to put them up.  Being an apt dweller means no nails on the wall.

commandstripsI love these command strips and use them often.



xoxo Stay tunned… ARod

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3 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    Really nice of course, you always do a great job.

  2. April G says:

    They look great! Do those strips really work well? I’m always hesitant to get them. Afraid they’ll fall on one of the kids. Thanks for sharing with Creative Style.

  3. Good job transforming a kooky collection into a fabulous letter collage!