top 10 things I look for at the thrift store

I am always sharing with you all my thrifty finds and how I turn them around with some paint.  So I thought you all might what to see .  Top 10 things I look for at the thrift store.

Top 10 things I look for at the thrift store

These are in no specific order.  I am always on the look out for this stuff and will almost always pick it up to bring home with me.

  1. Furniture (preferable real wood) which makes for the best and lasting pieces to add to your home.  Book cases are one of my biggest weakness. I saw so much potential in below red bookcase and I showed you how I turned this baby into a black & white beauty in Transformed treasure Tuesday no 26
  2. Lamps & lighting I love using lamps for lighting a room.  And have lamps as well as overhead in most every room in my apartment.  Here’s a few examples of some of the lamps I have found while thrifting.

    this weekends THRIFTY FINDS…

    I’ve been holding onto this beauty since 2012 and have yet to use it.  But I will one day soon.

    This weekends Thrifty Finds

    I still use these lamps in my bedroom today.

  3. White Milk Glass Oh this is my obsession.  My collection grows and grows I can’t even stop myself.  
  4. Frames and wall hangings Did you see my $100 room challenge I used all the frames I’ve been hoarding collecting and spent less then $50 to transform my front entry hall.
  5. Candles & crystal candle holders Like white milk glass candles and crystal holders is another one of my obsessions.  
  6. Mirrors small big all kinds…The beauty below was a Christmas gift for a very dear friend. 
  7. Planters & plant stands
  8. Serving dishes/bar ware
  9. Lanterns A recent obsession and so the hunt begin’s…
  10. Holiday & themed party décor

As always stay tuned and you will get to see so much more…

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7 Responses

  1. Carolann says:

    All good finds for sure, Anj. I have to do more thrift shopping. I rarely get the bug to go but I really should!

  2. Sue says:

    Excellent tips on thrifting Anj. Wherever do you store everything? Lanterns as a new lookout is a great idea too. 🙂

    • ARod says:

      Oh storing everything is a post in of itself. lol I use my guest room which is so full no guest will ever stay there lol.

  3. Love all of your thrifty finds! Every time I see milk glass I think of you. I am a lover of a good thrift store for sure. My favorite things to buy are nick nak type stuff. and frames. Always on the look out for the perfect addition to a shelf or the wall! Great post!

  4. I love your milk glass collection. I have a little bit and I love it. I never buy frames until I need them. Why is that. They are so fun and can be used for so many things! You are so creative!