thrifty updates to my mom’s bathroom revamp

I posted this week on how I revamped my mom’s bathroom with a paint job.  Now I want to share with you all the thrifty updates I  added.  Now if anyone who knows me or my momma personally is reading this.  Please do not tell her where I got this stuff.  You see she is not a fan of thrift shops.  So shhhhhhhhhhhh it will be out secret.  And not everything came from a thrift shop so does she really need to know.  I think after two weeks she is finally loving the bathroom.  It took her that long to finally like the new look.  So let’s not mess it up for me now.  😉



Thrifty Updates…

Only 1 of the three cross up there came from a thrift shop.  The top gold one she had in her kitchen.  The bottom right one came from my house.  It’s a party light one I had used in my previous apartment.  So yeah the left one is the thrift store find.  But isn’t it quite the dozy.  I love it and when I found it knew I would use it at moms.


If you have been following me for a while you might remember these planters from thrift share Thursday no 39.



I love it when a thrifty items comes in so handy!  Don’t you??

The last thrifty find I used in mom’s bathroom was this steel hook thing I found.  I had planned on using it in my craft room but once I started the bathroom I knew it would be the perfect touch there.  Mom on the other hand was not as thrilled.  She complained what am I going to hang there.  I’m sure by now her tchotchke’s have found there way back into the bathroom.  And are hanging around as we speak.  lol


I think it fit this wall perfectly.  Don’t you??

So those are the thrifty updates I made to my mom’s bathroom revamp.

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3 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    Jeeze yes the steel hook thing fits the wall perfectly, how did you do that? The three crosses look nice together. Sometimes it does for sure take older people set in their ways to get used to something new. You’re a really nice daughter.

  2. Carolann says:

    Yes, that steel hook fit perfectly on that wall. I love the crosses too. I have a whole bunch of them I used to have hanging and remodeled and never put that back up. I think that has inspired me to use them again. Love your finds Anj – Always beautiful done.

  3. Heather says:

    Love it! Some great thrifty finds here Anj. The Steel hook piece is great and it does fit wonderful in there. You did a great job, she will love it in time.