A Thrifty Christmas home tour 2014

I know I’m late to the game, but I wanted to share with you all my thrifty Christmas home tour 2014.  Today is 3 Kings day also know as Feast of the epiphany and I keep all my décor up until today.  Tomorrow it will all get put away for another year.  Today let’s enjoy it together.  I’ve used all of my thrifty finds, all over the house.  So I thought I would share with you all.  I’ve shared what I find with you all in my thrift share Thursday post.  Some things I transform others I just wash up and use.  I’ve mentioned before how I moved this year and lost all past holiday décor.  So this year décor seems a little sparse to me.  But it has been great fun starting my Christmas collection all over again.   I’m probably out shopping right now.  You know after Christmas is a great time for getting your holiday décor for the next year.  Sales are everywhere.  Even at the thrift shops so be on the lookout.  You know I am.  🙂


My honey was nice enough to buy us the tree & décor for it to replace my lost tree from the move.  I mentioned to him I would also need more décor for around the house.  He laughed and said I’m sure you can handle that on your own, you have your ways.  Well yes!  Yes I do and as you will see below I very wisely thrifted all my holiday décor.

Thrifty Christmas home tour 2014


The front porch got some thrifty finds added it to it.  It’s way too sparse to this year I will definitely be on the look out to get some outdoor décor & pieces to make it more homey.  Yes even a porch can look homey.  Right?

christmas14 thriftyoutdoordecor In our living room there is a corner for my thrifty angel collection. All angels were thrifted at different times and have now found a corner of our living room to be there home.  You can also see some of my white milk glass.  Which of coarse is spreading around this house.  ;-)


Most of these I’ve had some got added this year.  As this was on display in my apartment living room all year long it wasn’t packed away with the décor I lost.  And I very happily added some blue ribbons to keep it with this years blue tree theme.



One of my best ideas this year was repurposing my ledges into mini fantel.  And the frame I repurposed into chalkboard.  It makes up my biggest display of a nativity.  I showed you how I did it in Transformed Treasures Tuesday no 17.

The nativity is one my mother gifted me last year.  I’m so glad I had brought that over to house myself.  One of the few things I had of Christmas décor.  It means everything to me to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

He is the reason for the season.


In our bedroom this little thrifted set found a baby jesus for it.

In the kitchen some thrifty finds found there new home.


Of coarse the white milk glass gets mixed into the fun.  Do you recognized those gold joy letters? From one of my Thrift Share Thursday’s?  Some finds just need a good wash and there ready to go.  Others could use a little crafty love and they gain new life. In less then 30 minutes the little joy letters got new gold life.


Just a few quick sprays on each side and Walla.  Gold JOY!

With that quick transformation we have reached the end of our tour.  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday and enjoyed your little peek into mine.



Stay tunned…xoxo Arod

ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my project







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  1. I love your tree. No wonder you don’t want to take it down. I wouldn’t want to either! I love all the decorating details you did for Christmas.