Thrifting Presidents Day

Did you know most thrift shops hold sales!! no me either till my lil sista told me ja ha ha oh she is sorry now….

So I only woke her up this morning at 11 (which i thought was pretty nice of me i mean come on half the day is gone) but she is working 2 jobs right now so she does deserve some rest anyways bac to my story i wake her at 11 & we meet up at 4 pm (that’s my sista’s story god only knows) lol and were off to go thrifting

We hit two different Unique Thrift shops and here’s what i got….

would you beleive all i spent was 37.50 oh yeah!!
My CoCo checking out the stash…
using his xray vision i guess lol
because i totally do luff me some GH i’m behind about 2 wks now thank GOD for DVR

i’m loving white stuff right now
for the Display case in my closet reveal coming soon ….:)
frames for the Living room Ledges also coming soon ….
and this beauty i luff it and CoCo gave it his ok i can sleep by it approval lol
My driver, my sista catching up on my blog and hiding out from it at the same time lol
my monster 2 days away from 17…. and yes that is purple hair oh vay don’t get me started

I know the pic’s are sideways no matter what i did they kept turning this way when i would upload them ughhhhh – Sorry everyone 
Chic on a Shoestring Decorating   

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2 Responses

  1. Design_Fluff says:

    I love white stuff, too! Love the collection of vintage milk glass you have. I have a lot of the same items, passed down from great grandparents and grandparents!