Thrift Share Thursday no 37

It’s that time.  Time for Thrift share Thursday no 37.  Where I show you all what I got at the thrift shop lately.  I know today is Friday but yesterday just got away from me.  I hate it when that happens.  But as I did get some great frames finds this week I wanted to share.



Thrift Share Thursday no 37

Now I didn’t find all these frames in one shop.  I like to hit a couple of Goodwill’s on the same day.

tstno37 Collage

Don’t shy away from a frame you like because it has some art that is not to your liking.  All you have to do is use any kinda of a knife, and cut off the brown paper backing.  To get to the insides of the frame.  Then you can fill the frame with something you do like.  😉 changingoutarttopic

I confessed to you all last week how I’m a lazy DIYer.  <- click there to be taken to that post.  Or on the picture below.
confessionimalazydiyerBut lucky for me my amazing friend Chino got my living room ledges up.  Which made the hunt for more frames to fill it imminent.

I’ve already started using some of the frames above for the ledges.  Here’s a sneak peek.


My very handsome grandson.  Pictures courtesy of Lisbette Santiago Pix & Jamille Costa photography.  Go follow them on FB to see more of there great work.


What’s your favorite pick?  Let me know in the comments below.

Stay tunned…xoxo Arod

ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects


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4 Responses

  1. You always find the neatest things. These frames look in perfect condition. I love the pictures you choose to display.

  2. Carolann says:

    I just love the baby B&W pic. I can’t believe the amazing frames you found but then again you always manage to find such great treasures.

  3. Heather says:

    Another great Thrifty finds post from you! Can’t wait to see what you find next. Of course my favorite pics are the ones of your grandson. They are always adorable!!

  4. Wendy says:

    How neat! I love frames. I have a stack of them in garage and my husband will often ask me what I plan on doing with them! You never know when the urge to decorate will strike and you will need a perfect frame!