Thrift Share Thursday no 30

I know it’s Friday folks, but I just had to share.  My Thrift Share Thursday no 30.  As I mentioned yesterday there was a special sale held this week at my local MyUnique thrift shop.  For VIP members 50% off Christmas décor.  To become a VIP just follow their page on Facebook, or download their app.  If you have a smart phone the app is quiet handy.  If you don’t use a smart phone you can follow on facebook and print out any coupons they may be running.  Would you believe this whole stash cost me $20.41 cha ching.  I think I did pretty dam good.  Since it was 50% off that means this stash would have cost me $40.81 on a regular day.  So if you have the time and patience wait for a good sale day like I do.  Get only stuff that is on sale and you will make out like a bandit.



Thrift Share Thursday no 30

tstno30 Collage

It’s a pretty good haul don’t you think?  The little blue tree goes with our Christmas tree blue color scheme we are using this year in honor of grandson’s first Christmas.  Everything else I tried to get in neutrals like silver and gold.  I love to use both with any color scheme I use over the years.

I thought I would put a candle light in each window but sadly only two of them actually worked.  Those are the chances you take when buying second hand.

If you have been following me for a while you might notice this is my second jingle bells wreath I really love it.

My favorite pick from this stash is….


Aren’t they just stunning?  I’m in love hee hee.

What’s your favorite pick?  Let me know in the comments below.

Stay tunned…xoxo Arod

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4 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    So happy you put a big photo of my fav pick of the litter, the deer, I want em. I like your tip of how your stash of thrifty finds would have been $40 instead of $20. Send out reminders on Wednesday to go thrift shopping please.

  2. I like those reindeer for sure. They are adorable. Thanks for sharing your finds with us.