Thrift Share Thursday no 29

It’s Thursday time for Thrift Share Thursday no 29 and hold on to your seats cause tomorrow I have another thrift share for you.  I’m on a serious hunt for Christmas décor.  I made it to the thrift store last week.  My local Goodwill and I made sure to shop by the sticker color that was on sale.  There 50% off you know.  I’m sure you do since I keep telling you.  This week I got a text from my local MyUnique thrift shop.  They held a 50% off Christmas décor for there VIP shoppers.  All you have to do is download their new app.  Or follow them on Facebook.  They post there sales there.  And will send you a text reminder, if you sign up for it.


Thrift Share Thursday no 29

There are some pretty awesome finds?  I’m loving them all.  I’ve already started spreading them all around the house.  Right after a good wash.  Always make sure to give your thrifty finds a very good wash.  They were once loved by someone else and then sat in a store.  A good cleaning will show them some new love.


The green tree second from left has already started it transformation.  If you follow me on Instagram you already know.  😉

The little joy pieces third from left will also need a revamp.  There next.

Everything else just got a wash and was ready to party.

What piece did you like best?  Let me know in comments below.

xoxo Stay tunned… ARod

ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects

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5 Responses

  1. As you already know lol I love the snowman, the dove, and the tree! You always find the most amazing treasures! Luff them all!

  2. I like the Santa plate a lot. I think it’s really adorable. I can see Zeva wanting to eat out of it on Christmas day. Thanks for sharing your finds with us.

  3. Sue says:

    I like the snowman and green tree with the gold star and thanks for the tips each week.

  4. laura70inak says:

    I like the stenciled Merry Christmas piece, it’s great! So you’ve moved, are you in an apartment or a house now?