thrift share Thursday July white milk glass round up

its time for my July White Milk Glass round up additions to my collection…

of coarse we’re already in August that’s how I roll people always always late hee hee

these were picked up on several different trips over the month of July it kinda goes that way with thrift-ing sometimes your hot and other days you get nada, zip, zilch


this next one is stunning in person I don’t think the picture does it justice it was 95 cents over my $5 limit per piece but I believe well worth itpizap.com13753801328071


isn’t this just the cutest top hat??pizap.com13753802891341




I got each of these on separate trips but love it when I can make a set of something so I’m always on the look out for a pairs


I had a pair of these below and one broke so now I found it’s match again oh happy day…pizap.com13753807760371

and would you believe that on top of the huge stash above wasn’t enough I was walking CoCo yesterday and about 6 houses down from me where a garage sale had gone on the previous weekend and I had been to busy to make it…

they put up sign FREE STUFF well hello my friend {FREE} I had to stop in and looky what was waiting for me they practically screamed my name



I don’t just love them because they were free

I think there pretty amazing pieces pizap.com13753809329192 so here is big round up complete


I used for my pictures today not sure if I like it more than picmonkey yet but it’s fun so far Thanks Susan for these helpful blogger tips

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ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects

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1 Response

  1. Suzan Sweatman says:

    First of all you really scored BIG time – love them all !!!
    Second of all this is TOO funny – I’m looking at them all and thinking to myself ” Hey this is Pizap – so she found it too !!! “
    You’re so welcome – I love it – actually I was having problems with Pic Monkey for a couple of days which is what led me to it Anj – there’s also Ipiccy – which is really a great one!
    Have a great wknd,