Thrift Share Thursday no 5

Yes folks, its time for another Thrift Share Thursday already! Where does the week go? Just kidding the weekend can’t come soon enough.  Sleeping in on a Sunday morning or maybe?  Waking up and heading out thrifting early before the rest of the family is up or even notices your gone.  Yeah I did the latter lol. And here is my haul for just under $15 bux I think I got some keepers.  But don’t I always think that lol.

Thrift Share Thursday no 5

Some spring/Easter decor just in time.  If your looking at this my cousin please don’t get all excited about the colorful welcome.  I see a total black & white makeover in it’s future, lol I’m sorry I’m obsessed.  Maybe just maybe it will still have some color but I wouldn’t bet on it.  Unless would silver & gold be considered colors I could see it multi metals. hmmmmm A spark is born.



No idea what this will be but it’s a broken frame that spoke to me.  Oh and it’s pretty darn heavy.


I love me a good game of Dominoes and happen to be Dominican {Brugal is a rum made in Dominican Republic} win win right after I clean them up.


Maybe I’m developing a bit of a shelf habit.  I might need to not be picking any more up until I actually put all the ones I know have up.  In my defense I got the bottom two for 50 cents as they were 50 % off their particular color tag that day.

Thrifting tip:  When walking into a Goodwill look on door for sign or near entrance what color tag is 50% off that day.


Yes I do consider this little angel Christmas decor but I just couldn’t leave her behind.  I just couldn’t.  And I see glittery gold or silver transformation in her future.  I just haven’t decided which yet.IMG_8688

Well it’s only 10 days till St Patrick’s day do you have your green??IMG_8689

Did you do any thrifting??


Well that’s this week’s haul.  Be sure to come by here Tuesday when I unveil another Transformed Treasure.



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6 Responses

  1. I love that frame!! I haven’t been thrifting since I’ve moved here 🙁 I need to find a good spot soon.
    P.S Thanks for always being such a sweetheart and supporting my linkups. I’m truly grateful!

  2. Sue says:

    I was thinking the heavy frame could be used as a kitchen trivet for hot dishes to sit upon. Thanks for the tip on looking for the tag that is half-off at Goodwill as I did not know about that.

  3. Are you a scarf gal? Maybe you could use the frame somehow, to display them. Maybe thread them through the smaller openings, and put a mirror behind the center? You’ll come up with something cool, I’m sure.

  4. I love thrifting and can’t wait to move back to the states in a couple of months to hunt for some treasures! Great finds. Can’t wait to see what you do with them!

  5. laura says:

    yes! paint that welcome sign black and white, it will be GORGEOUS!!