Thrift Share Thursday no 18

It’s Thursday time for Thrift Share Thursday no 18.  It’s a scrapbooks/photo albums stash share.  I’m always on the lookout for both scrapbooks & photo albums since I am a huge picture taker.  And I do print them.  I’ve showed you all before the stack of picture boxes I keep in my bedroom bookcase.  But keeping pictures in boxes is not a great way to show them off.  Scrap-booking & photo albums make it so much easier to show friends your pictures.  You know in every family there is that one person you can go to find family pictures.  I am hoping to become that person for my family.  Just last month my niece who is now living in California gave me a call to find her some pictures of herself as a baby with her mom.  So I think I’m well on the way to be the family photo hog.  lol I think I’m getting side tracked here.  Let’s see what I picked up at the thrift shop.


I of coarse love a bargain so when I walk into a goodwill I always look for what there sale color of the day is.  The sale color will be 50% off so those are what I look for.





I really liked these two photo albums because you insert the pictures and it gives you room to write a little about what was happening at the time.  See the lines for filing in some memories.  photobooksmmahSo did you find any thifty finds this week?

xoxo Stay tunned… ARod

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2 Responses

  1. Carolann says:

    Those are really nice for scrapbooking and what a great deal! I love the gold one! Awesome finds!

  2. Sue says:

    Thanks for the tip for me to remember to look up at the color sale when I walk in. I have not seen scrapbooks at our local Goodwill before and will really look around next time I visit. I have way too many photos in boxes too.