this weekends THRIFTY FINDS…

Would you believe it’s been a month & 1/2 since I last went thrifting I swear its true I went back and checked my last thifting post so I have proof lol so I’m not a hoarder contrary to what my sista might say…

I’ll tell you I really should not have gone out to shop as when I got up Saturday morning this is what the new “CRAFTING/PROJECT/GUEST” room looked like…

I know crazy right but I totally got up to have a project day so i had to clear a path and get in that room and get to work and I promise I’ll have completed projects coming up this week

but this post is about the trifting I DID DO…(yeah yeah I still went out thrifting)

a garage sale – just walking distance from my place and I reconnected with an old acquiescence  were gonna go out soon now that we realize were juss a few blocks from each other yay

I got this cute Indian god head, the vase & books

Oh welcome to mama you beauty I’m not sure the landlord will go for me having a fixture changed out but I will try and convince them if they say no I’ll save this baby…(for my 5 yr plan see Sunday Social)
I also picked out and end table that I’ve yet to pick up for a total of $15 bucks so I think I made out pretty well
and on my high from the garage sale I convinced/blackmailed (you’d be surprised what holding a cell phone ransom will get your kid to do)my monster j to come with me for a quick romp to

ta ta  duhmmmmmmm


Here she is and no that coat did not come home with us…
but here’s what did

$1.49 and this lil basket is getting a revamp
J picked out the jewelry box which I will revamp
I’m always getting some extra xmas decor stuff
and just yesterday I stumbled upon this

I love coming across uplifting quotes

can’t wait to share

ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects

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  1. Cap Creations says:

    Wow the chandelier looks pretty great even in the box, can’t wait to see it up! Hope they let you. Thank you for sharing your goodies at Cap Creations.