a look at Thanksgiving with my bloggy friends

I wanted to share with you all a look at Thanksgiving with my bloggy friends.  These are some awesome ladies that I don’t have the pleasure of ever having met personally yet, but I’m honored to call them my friends.  I visit stalk there blogs daily and check out what fun stuff is going on in there neck of the bloggy world.  As I dive into there blogs I get to know them more & more.  I honestly believe God brings people into your life for a purpose.  I am so glad he has brought these awesome woman into my world.  We laugh & cry together, and celebrate each others accomplishments.  They are awesome women who each make my day brighter, I thought it only fitting that I introduce them to you, and give you a peek at Thanksgiving with my bloggy friends. As these ladies bring such sunshine into my life I thought it only fitting that I introduce them with some jokes.

Thanksgiving with my bloggy friends





Clicking on any of the pictures will take you over to their Thanksgiving post.  Be sure to visit them they will only make you smile.


Q: Who isn’t hungry on Thanksgiving?A: The turkey, because he’s already stuffed!

Russian Tea Cookie Recipe

First up Carolann from Sassy Townhouse Living is sharing her amazeballs Thanksgiving Russian tea cookies.  She tells me these melt in your mouth.  I printed the recipe and am going to have my J the baker of this home, whip some up for Thanksgiving.  Carolann shares everything sassy.  Don’t you just love the sound of that word it’s a favorite of mine.  I so want to be sassy just like her.

Q: What type of key is not good for opening doors?A: A Tur-key!

Planes Trains and Automobiles Best Thanksgiving Day Movie

Next up Sue of Housekaboodle.  She is sharing this Thanksgiving movie must watch.  Planes, Trains & Automobiles which features a stunning house.  Speaking of a stunning houses Sue can show you plenty of them.  From celebrity houses to wonderful little cottages she covers them all.  Sometime I just go over and dream about living in one of the stunning houses she covers.  Of coarse I wake up very quickly when she tells me how much they cost.  But a lady can dream right!

Q: What kind of car did the Pilgrim drive?A: A Plymouth

Speaking of Plymouth my next friend Heather of DailyDIYLife actually grew up there.  How awesome is that.  She gives you a little must see tour of her hometown.  I don’t want to give it away but wait till you see the rock.  I was a bit stunned.  Not sure what I expected it is called rock. lol On her blog she shares lots of awesome recipes and idea’s.  I’m totally loving her weekly Thanksgiving day planning tips she has shared over the last couple of weeks.  She makes some awesome free printable’s I totally love & think you will too.

Q. Why did the Indian chief wear so many feathers? a. To keep his wigwam

Thanksgiving Movie Suggestions Found On Netflix

Crystal is just one of the great minds behind Tidbits of Experience. She along with her beautiful family are sharing some great netflix movie picks for this Thanksgiving.  They all share reviews on products they use.  As well as some very rare and honest looks at marriage & family life.  I find it awesome that she is able to incorporate her whole family into blogging.  In my house they have no idea what a blog is.  And just roll there eyes when they see me heading for the computer.  Oh your blogging again.

Q: Why should you never set the turkey next to the desert?A: Because he will gobble, gobble it up!


Thanksgiving chocolate cake

Last but certainly not least Becca of I Really Love Chocolate.  Who doesn’t right?? Well she takes it to a whole other level.  She shares amazing video on how to make the beautiful & yummy & easy cake above.  You will love watching her energy & spunk.  She will introduce you to all kinds of new chocolates.  She also shares her travels to find new chocolates with some amazing pictures.


Wishing you all a happy and family or friends filled Thanksgiving.  Friends really are the family we choose for ourselves.  Hope you all have some good ones if not you are welcome to share any of mine above.  They really are amazing women!

xoxo Stay tunned… ARod

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6 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    I am seriously entertained by the jokes! Seriously! So much fun. Then, this heart warming review of your bloggy friends gives me stars in my eyes.

  2. Carolann says:

    What an awesome post! I adore the blogs you shared and felt as if I was sitting there with you when you were talking about each one. You are one sassy gal that’s for sure >3

  3. What a great post. 😉 I love it. Thank you for the love.

  4. Awesome post! This is a well-rounded summary of Thanksgiving and each of our areas of expertise. Rock on and happy early Thanksgiving!

  5. Heather says:

    Love the way you put this together :)Thank you for sharing! I am so thankful for each and every one of you!

  6. cynthiamurdoch says:

    I’m so glad to read the roundup of the Thanksgiving blogs. I follow a couple but two are new to me, and what a Thanksgiving treat…