some more DIY Halloween decor

 I want to show you all how I DIY Halloween decor from my Thrift Share Thursday no 48 I shared with you all yesterday.  Sometimes things come together quickly when you have less then 10 days to go before Halloween is over.  For this year anyway and if you store it properly many more years to come.  There is nothing I love more then seeing somethings get a new look with some paint.  I’m not picky with my paint I use them all.  And really do love how quickly spray paint can transform things.  As well as how quickly it dries.

 thriftsharethursdayno48DIY HALLOWEEN DECOR

 Spray paint can make any DIY Halloween decor get glamorous in less then 30 minutes.  I do about 3 quick coats giving my projects time to dry in between coats.  SPRAYPAINTHALLOWEEN
Be sure to turn things around to get at all angles.  See the spider above after first coat and turning him around.  By the third coat I think he is bright shiny gold enough.  Don’t you?
spiderbnammah Collage
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Sneak peek tomorrow’s #thriftyfind already got revamped #upcycle #halloween #gold #spookysverve #spraypaint

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So then it’s time to add to the Halloween decor around here.



If you have been following me then you remember my black & white Halloween pumpkin.  Still one of my favorite crafts.



I got the two little pumpkins in Thrift Share Thursday no 20.  You can go there to see there before.


Hope you all liked how a little spray paint can DIY Halloween decor.

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ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects

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2 Responses

  1. Carolann says:

    What fun! I like the idea of painting them gold. Love it Anj very creative!

  2. Sue says:

    The black and white is one of my favorites forever and I do really like the gold now too. Kind of classy Halloween decor Anj.