sneak peaks…my projects filled day

My daughter tell’s me I have OCD and I started working on my projects (yes more than 1) today and I started to believe she might be right (what the heck does a 16 yr old know right hmmmmmmm) lol well maybe I should tell you all about my projects filled day

As I mentioned in my post (see here) I took the day off to get some Dr’s appts out of the way for the year. I like to get them done in Jan but i chickened out of 1 and rescheduled to Feb (now this give’s me another day off to look forward to) I made my resch appt for first thing in the morning as i hoping to not chicken out and then have the rest of the day to myself (here’s hoping) cause we make plans and God laughs (i think that’s how  the saying goes, you’ll find im horrible w sayings i always always get them wrong but i continue to try and use them lol)

So this is the list of projects I worked on today

  • Sangria Chalkboard paint glasses (see full post here)
  • Finishing paint on Ledges
  • touch up black & white paint on coffee table (start here)
  • touch up black paint on bookcases (see original post here)
  • and because i’m slightly insane I also cleaned my oven and rearraganed everything on my kitchen counter & Clorox’ed my kitchen towels & put away the laundry (that thankfully my mommy comes ova and does for me)

and now some sneek peaks at what will i hope soon to be completed projects….unless something else come up hmmmmmmmm lol  (which it totally did see here projects projects projects ill be busy until the spring lol)

the start of my day coffee & blog hopping ….


credit for this idea to Sister A who did this for my New Years Day brunch but since she didnt leave me the glasses i went out and made my own ;-P







right before i paint anything i make sure the kitchen sink is clean as i will need it to wash brushes and hate hate hate having to wash dishes when I’m ready to wash brushes


i was a lil afraid Clorox would ruin these but yay it didnt and they look like new again yay


coffee table still not complete ughhhhhhhh but the touch up on blk & white were done this day




Ledges for a galery wall coming soon to the living room


oh and J brought this home for Mommy to do ughhhhhhhh



better look @ coffee table


Why did I start the oven tooooooooooo? oh yeah waiting on paint to dry…. You would think I would just sit down lol but no I look for something else to do.  Sometimes I just don’t know when to stop.


on any project day i like at least one thing to be completed and for today it was these glasses pretty amazing if i do say so myself hee hee

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6 Responses

  1. OMGoodness I am exhausted just seeing all you have done. Girl take your advice and give your self a little rest. You know pour you a glass of Sangria and blog hop for a bit.LOL Hope you have fun at your party!!

    • ARod says:

      the weekend furniture move wiped me out im definetly on slow mo this week but enjoying the fruits of my labor when i look around 🙂

  2. momto8 says:

    good for you! the glasses are fabulous!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you an.

  3. You need some rest girl!!!! LOL