Sept 6 Blog everyday in September challenge

Day 6(Friday). What have been the three greatest moments of your life?

thus far I would have to say…

2/22/95 Jaimie’s birth she is my everything

IMG_5873 yes folks our hospital bracelets & the Band-Aid she was wearing in this picture in ‘05 I still have them ughhhhhhh I might be a hoarder but i keep my stuff in cute boxes…


sometime in April‘05 Tommy walking into the DeepInn he hates that I think this is how we hooked up but it is.  I was already a customer @ the family bar he works in.  (I say family bar because it is family friendly.) I had been coming in there and ordering take out for a few months.  Yes I had noticed him and he was super friendly with my daughter. {I totally think they fell in love first hee hee}  I  would go into there back room & play a video game with j whilst waiting for  our food to be ready.  Best burgers in Jersey there amazing.  J would run off when it was my turn at the machine and when I would go look for her she would be in conversation with the very cute bartender/cook.  I would tell her not to bother him while he’s working but he always ended up chatting with her.  So one  night I am at a local dive bar with my bestie and he walks in.  da da da dummmmmmmmmmm!!

I turn to my friend and say did you see who just walked in?? that guy from Krug’s I am so getting his # it’s him & me in our 30’s its a wrap!! {little did I know he wasn’t even 30 yet I’ve always liked them young} flash forward to 2013 we are still together…



6/21/13 Jaimie graduating High School

a very proud day indeed…



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4 Responses

  1. Kathe says:

    I love both stories Anj!

  2. Kassie Rew says:

    Aw, look at that cute little baby! I just love baby pictures! Also the best moment in a mama’s life!

  3. Becca says:

    What a great story! I love hearing about how people met 🙂