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Day 2(Monday).  What is your favorite season? Why?

Favorite season is summer as I celebrate being born in July.  And I’m a big fanatic of celebrating birthdays.  Plus when I was in school vacation is in the summer duh.  lol Also both my parents come from the Dominican Republic where my mom used to send both my sister jo & I when were kids to spend our summers with our Grandma & Great grandma.  You have not sweated till you’ve spent a summer in DR.  I know that it is not located on the equator but when your there in the summer your really not that sure.

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Weather in the Dominican Republic

Because of its almost year-round warmth and sunshine, some people refer to the Dominican Republic’s climate as “endless summer.”

Once I entered HS my mom stopped sending us or we revolted its a blur.  lol

We started traveling with friends & always loved celebrating both our birthday’s {1yr 6 days apart} while vacationing somewhere.

To this day I love me a good trip planed for or around my birthday.

A very  good family friend was married in St Thomas in July I think it was in 08 and she was like oh I cant believe you came all this way for my wedding.  It was 3 days either before or after my birthday that year hell yeah I went lol


j & I on the wedding day in St Thomas

The sand the beach just screams my name which is why the summer is my very favorite season.

Lesson learned here if you want me at your wedding plan it in July and make it tropical I’ll be there…


me celebrating birthday in St Thomas 

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