Sept 11 Blog everyday September challenge

Day 11 (Wednesday) what is your favorite and least favorite chore?
least favorite that’s easy laundry hands down!!!! my least favorite chore of all time, to be honest I have 2 bags of clothes and 1 of sheets waiting to get dropped off at our local laundry mat right now…
you’ve seen pic’s of my closet II here on the blog thank GOD I have lots of clothes I could easily go at least another month…but then whose gonna carry the bags ughhhhhhh
favorite hmmmm no really no chore is a favorite I can’t really count painting can I it’s the only job I’ll volunteer to do by myself no matter just bring me the paint… I’m innnnnnann

& other than that I’m out lol

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1 Response

  1. Tracy Cook says:

    if you have a wardrobe sort out , somebody could benefit from your unwanted clothes and you could then get into routine of laundry trips .