Revise my apartment goals

It’s never too late to set a new goal.  Or to revise my apartment goals for this year for that matter.  Just like you don’t have to wait till Monday to start a diet.  Any day can be the first day.  I really think a procrastinator came up with that wait till Monday to start a diet rule.  Like I just told you in my last post I have a new roomie my momma.  She is not the biggest fan of my DIY ways and as she is still coming to terms with now living with her daughter.  I’ve decided not to make any crazy changes to the apartment while she is still settling in.  But of coarse this doesn’t mean there won’t be any changes at all.  Just some minor ones here and there and everywhere…

So here is a peek at what the goals were before.


Paint living rooms & my bedroom Pick out paint

For conjoined living rooms  – Outerspace sw#6251

Bedroom Inkwell SW#6992

January & February

Done in March/April

Put up curtains 15 windows

3/3 panel bay windows

¼ panel bay window (social room)

Kitchen 2 wide windows 1 over the sink window

March – in process
Bathroom floor Needs tile I’m thinking 12*12 black with white penny tile trim March – I painted it white and added a little black to tide me over
Kitchen & hallway floors Probably new stick on vinyl tiles April – this is still to do and a project the ole lady will have to deal thru
Paint the Kitchen Still need to decide on a color scheme for this room May – yes this is still possibility
Start yard spruce up (weather permitting) I will be planting some flowers April/May – done
Living room & Social room floor Remove carpets & refinish hardwood

Hire out or DIY??

May & June

Maybe future project not sure the ole lady could deal with this one

New light fixtures for bedrooms Find an electrician July – I did a little something to the one in my bedroom to tide me over
Paint hallway & guest room Pick colors September – guest room not happening per ole lady

Hallway still a possibility

** possibly do my bedroom floor Remove carpet & refinish hardwood October Maybe future project not sure the ole lady could deal with this one
Christmas decorating Enough of a project on its own November & December


And how I have revised them for now. In red above.  All in all so far it’s been a pretty productive year.  Most the apartment has gotten fresh paint.  And is no longer that standard beige I can’t stand to live in.  I know that I’m a very lucky person to find landlords who let me paint to my hearts content.

Sherwin Williams is my go to paint as there happens to be store right in my neighborhood.



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