Remodeling Your Kitchen On A Budget

” When we see the gorgeous photographs of designer kitchens I admit it can make someone extremely jealous. The reality is that the majority of us don’t have thousands of dollars to renovate our kitchen. Many of us in fact would rather spend more than 30 dollars on a kitchen update. There are a few ways for you to help update your kitchen on a budget. In fact, many ideas that I’m going to list below can actually cost you less then $100. Let’s keep reading and learn how remodeling your kitchen may be more easier to do then you thought.

  1. Add A Chalkboard Wall– Although this may seem like a trendy thing to try, it’s one of the cheapest and super fun DIY projects you can do in a few days or a weekend. If you have a long wall near your kitchen, it’s probably one of the perfect places to do it. You can use it for anything that you can think of such as having your children scribble all over it or use it to help plan your daily meals for the week. If you don’t have a large wall, why don’t you try to paint your kitchen island below for a wow factor or discussion piece. You could add your favorite quote underneath too.  If you decide to do this, it wouldn’t cost you more than a few hours or weekend and perhaps $50 with paint brushes and paint. 

Image: C Mac Contracting

  1. Knock Down A Wall – This may come up with a few more dollars in your budget but if it’ll make a huge difference in how you can move in your kitchen, then this is worth it! If you live in the New Jersey area you’ll want a quality contractor to help you answer questions or concerns you may have. The contracting company you’ll want is called C. Mac Contracting. For most families, the kitchen is the busy area of the home and can pose as a challenge when it comes to needing a makeover or moving a wall to make things more functional. When it comes to kitchen installation, the friendly staff can help you with your services in Monmouth Country and Ocean Country will make sure you get the contemporary or classic, stylish kitchen you’ve been excited over. The company was founded in 2012 by Christopher Mackin and can assure and assist you getting a spectacular kitchen which can bring a new life into a kitchen that may need that assistant. Whatever you need, you’ll be happy and satisfied for years to come thanks to C. Mac Contracting. 
  2. Update Your Lighting – One of the biggest and budget friendly items to help transform your kitchen is your lighting. It can make or break a room because it can either be too bright to annoy your guests or too dim and it’ll put your family members to sleep. The lighting in your kitchen isn’t only a means of illumination but it can also be a focal point as well. When looking at lighting for your kitchen, think of chandeliers, pendants that can make a pop of color or a wow factor. These types of kitchen lighting and have a big impact plus are easy to install or swap out. Update your kitchen lighting can be exciting, new and an easy fix to bring brightness to your home.
  3. Bold Backsplash – If you have a smaller kitchen it could be a great idea to go bold with your backsplash. To make your kitchen extremely eye catching and unique consider putting your splurge budget tiles of your backsplash. Your backsplash can be the statement piece of your kitchen with the right decision. Also, consider using your backsplash as the main color pallet for your kitchen and work in accent colors throughout to complete the look. Whatever your idea for your backsplash, make it fun, make it bold and make it exciting to share in your personality. 

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, not everything has to be extremely expensive.Some of these remodeling ideas can be within your budget and some could even cost less than what you think. All in all, it comes down to what you can afford for now and try to the rest of it when you can. No matter, take your time and really love what you are doing, take your time painting a chalkboard wall or putting your backsplash tiles on the right way. Your kitchen is the heart of the home so you want it to be right the first time.

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  1. I like the idea of making a bold backsplash. That’s right up my ally and our kitchen does need a little TLC and a budget-friendly upgrade too

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