remembering 9/11

oh to be so young that you don’t remember…

I made my sister Jo(short for Josephine) late for work that day she worked across the street from the towers.  I like to think my lateness saved her life here is our story

Remembering 9/11

My sister Jo and I lived 4 blocks apart in 2001.  She would catch the bus on the corner of my house to get her over to Penn station Newark to take the Path into NYC.  At the time I worked in mid-town so I would take NJ Transit instead of Path which would get me to 34th street NYC Penn station & there I would take local subway to get me to Radio City Musical Hall (I worked across the street @ AXA) 53rd St & 6th Ave.

Well on this morning I drove by and saw my sister on the bus stop so I yell Jo get in and she says no you will make me late {I am notoriously late for EVERYTHING }so I lied and said “come on get in I won’t make you late.”  Well I still had to drop off J (my daughter) at school she was laying in my backseat and stop at the mac (ATM) j needed lunch $$ and to get my morning coffee….

So yes I made her late and she bitched and moaned the whole time.  She was on the last PATH train that ran that morning her train ended up being stopped at Exchange Place she watched as the towers came down from just across the river.  Thankfully on the Jersey side.

I was well on my way to the office and when I walked into my building everyone was gathered in lobbies just watching TV’s I of coarse not realizing what in the world was going on kept walking and went to my desk when I finally decided to go see what all the commotion was about I witnessed the first tower come down.  It was all so surreal after that I grabbed my purse and phone and walked out of my building I was on a mission to to get my sister (at the time I had no idea she had not made it into the city) I kept trying to call her or my mom and wasn’t getting any signal.

As I am walking down 6th ave my phone finally rings it was my mother’s boss her first question where are you exactly I said I’m on my way to get Jo she says stop Jo is in Jersey please come home I cant begin to tell you the relief that went thru me I started crying and told her ok I would get home.

Of coarse not knowing NY had been shut down there was no getting in or out I had already walked 20 blocks and was near 34th St so I headed to Penn Station it was closed down and people were standing in the street about 2,000 deep (no idea if this was a real # it was crowded from one side of the street to the other there were no cars able to move threw these streets) it was that packed with people.  I’ll tell you people were scared but nice to each other.

We were all stuck but we were alive…we were all there for hours it was sometime in the afternoon when trains started to run again I was on the first NJ Transit train to leave the city

My heart goes out to all the families of the victims of this day.  And my heart soars for my family that we were graced by GOD enough to all be alive today
today I work in that building ^^ with the square tower (lower left hand corner of above picture) here is the view of memorial from our tower today

Remembering 9/11

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8 Responses

  1. J.Costa says:

    Anj, this post is so touching. You DID save your sisters life and i am sure on this very day she is remembering you for making her life. God works in mysterious ways. I am glad you both are alive and okay.

  2. J.Costa says:

    making her late not life lol

  3. Carolann says:

    Truly a blessing that day…you did indeed intervene and that was a blessing. I will never forget that day either as so many Americans as well.

  4. Allison B says:

    Sometimes being late is a blessing you can’t see until later. I’m so happy your family was safe.

  5. Wow, what an incredible story. You did make her late.. and for good reason. What a blessing. Your pictures are great. I would love to visit the memorial some day.

  6. Sue says:

    Thank you for this touching and dramatic true-life story for me to read today. So many stories from that day and you’re one of them. Blessings to you and your family were on that day. Often, I think about being late, early, or even on time and how that could effect an outcome. On this day, being late became a blessing.

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