projects day, Closet II updates

I’ve mentioned my borrowed bestie awesome HandyMan Chino{here, here & here} he was over at my place last Sunday and even with our hangovers from an awesome friends birthday celebration Saturday night… He got up on Sunday morning and said let me see my list…

Well of coarse I had it ready, even if I had to drag my butt outta bed and find my phone and then charge my dead phone which bought me a 30 min nap… I then got up & took my CoCo out and past DD got my handyman some breakfast and was back home to start the list…

I know some of you might think that’s all easy stuff I could do it myself and your right, but I love my handy friend and he loves me.  He does all this for me and when he needs something cleaned or painted he calls me and I run it’s our barter system it works for us

would you believe he completed everything but the headboard bench as he only ended up coming up with a plan so that project will wait as it’s already been waiting but let me show you what did get done…

#2 on list – my new FANTEL{FAKE+MANTEL=}

Do you remember when I picked it up during this thrifty haul on Aug 4th and can you see that price $2.99 cha chingDSC_1939

so above shelf replace this shelf in the living room

the new shelf brackets are up
funny in pic you cant really see a difference but this fantel is much bigger & sturdier & longer than previous shelf
#3 – Front door frame – this just needed some sturdy nails and Chino took care of that lickety split lol

#4 – Sunroom bench drawer – needed to be reinforced and with some right angle brackets that was a quickie too

#5 – do you remember these lil shelves picked up at a garage sale back in June for $3 look how nicely they fit in Sunroom



#6 & & 7 were also some quickies, so quick I didn’t even get a pic lol

then we tried to get to HEADBOARD BENCH

I had rescued this headboard back in Dec (of last yr) and its been sitting & patiently waiting for its turn to shine…
the lil white shelves were also a curbside rescue and I thought Chino could use as bases for the bench he XX that idea says he has a plan the headboard, so it will sit & wait some more…

so shelves instead ended up becoming TA DA!!!!

POCKETBOOK TOWER aint she a beauty I think so
would you believe all it took him were four screws it rest on the window ledge and takes up next to no room in my awesome CLOSET II  and because of coarse I needed to add my crafty touch to it

aint she a beauty?? all I did was cut up this storage piece I was using as my purse storage previously and used some spray adhesive and in about 5 min it was done viola
see it on the right this is what I cut up to cover my new tower cause I love the pattern
I tell you my friend Chino is awesome, if you don’t have a handyman best friend go get one… I swear you wont regret it
really this tower could hold anything I guess I just happen to need it for purses cause as you can see I have a bit of problem lol
shoes & purses, jewelry ok maybe I’m just a girly girl lol hmmm and here I always thought I was more of tomboy you learn something new every day people everyday lol
ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects

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  1. Dani - Diane - ATA Girls says:

    I’d love to borrow him for some of my projects! Great job! Joining from Inspire Me Monday –

  2. Jill @ Create.Craft.Love. says:

    Great projects! Thanks for linking up to the Keep Calm and Link Up! Hope to see you back next week!