present day….flash forward

so i was going to try and keep this blog in order and i was going back to the begining
but today has been such and awesome day of GOODWILL HUNTING…. that i must just flash forward to today and MY christmas decorating

sneak peak: this should be completed tomorrow!! i hope….

now back to today’s adventure well first i emptied out a closet of the candle holders i had on hand i was going for anthing crystal, silver, gold and white to go with my christmas decor see my tree below

color combo this year is purple, red, silver & gold on white
actually tree is fuller now will post updated pic soon

Here’s what i found in the closet….

yes apparently i have a bit of a candle habit i have finally weened myself off partylite parties…

and here’s what i found on my trip….. GOODWILL HUNTING
 the whole stash was $10 bucks yep you read that right!!!

and here is the collective stash

and now i place them on the silver tray which was also a  GOODWILL HUNTING find this weeked for 7.99 yep awesome….

the tray will also serve as a way to move this awesome creation
off the coffee table when the babies come ova caz this is not rugrat friendly!! lol

and now for the grand finally here is what it is looking like now lit and shining
im still playing with the layout of each peace
but i was dying to see it lit and so (think drum roll….)

amazzzzzzzzing if i do so say so myself

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