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Revise my apartment goals

It’s never too late to set a new goal.  Or to revise my apartment goals for this year for that matter.  Just like you don’t have to wait till Monday to start a diet. ...


done in April 2018

Here’s what got done in April 2018 around the apartment and per my Instagram feed. Do you follow me there?  you should…. done in April

changes 10

changes and where I’ve been

I realize I’ve been neglecting this little blog of mine.  Life has thrown me some changes and here I am to share all about it with you all.  The biggest one this year being...

Best DIY’s of 2017

I’m looking back at the the best DIY’s of 2017.  In all honesty these were almost all the DIY’s I did last year.  But after putting this together there are some pretty great ones. ...

the social room

Here’s a little story of how I came to have a social room.  In this apartment I have conjoined living spaces.  I supposed one should be a dining room and the other a living room. ...