One Room Challenge here we go…

The fall 2019 one room challenge has officially begun and I’m going to play along. If you haven’t heard of this before it is a challenge where twenty amazingly talented design influencers will take you behind the scenes as they transform their rooms…week by week


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At Charlotte’s House | Design Addict Mom | Erika Ward Interiors | Erin Kestenbaum | Girl & Grey Gray Malin | Hommeboys | I Spy DIY | Jewel Marlowe | The Learner Observer | Making it Lovely  Nicole White Designs | Old Brand New | Oscar Bravo Home | Place of My Taste | The Rath Project Room for Tuesday | SG Style | Undecorated Home | Veronica Solomon | Media BH&G 

I’ve decided to play along and will be doing drum roll please….

My Kitchen

Kitchen before…

It’s just about the only room in my apartment I haven’t touched since moving in here (almost) 2 years ago. I don’t cook and the ole lady who moved in 1 year ago don’t cook she does however consider this her room as she uses it every morning to brew her bustelo. She doesn’t allow me to leave dishes in the sink and balks when I say well it’s your room you do them. And as she threatens to move out for the millionth time I wash my dish.

As this is a rental there is only so much I can do to change it. The plan is as follows…

– Paint cabinets possibly lighter on top darker on bottom

– Cover all the old Portuegese paneling I’m thinking either wall paper or contact paper

– A new floor might be in the plan

So the deadline is set 6 weeks from today follow along and watch what happens around here. I’m sure there will be some tears and plenty of laughs that just how I roll…

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