on ward…

so the weathers been unbelievable mild for Jan but I’ll take it I think snow is pretty….
but only from inside of my nice warm cozy apt I don’t want to go out in it lol and I have…

I should try and stick to my list of projects, but I’m often getting side tracked

Like ze Coffee table…. its at an in between stage see below

to start – this was a gift my friend Chino (seen @new yrs brunch) had found me a coffee table
In Sept when I first moved in I already had one but it sounded nice he said glass & stone so he said he would hold for me at his place and I could come get it once I visited I saw it was a triangular glass table beautiful yes but the minute I saw it all I could think is one of my babies will break this table and then ohhhhh my its a trip to the ER (no i don’t have babies I have 1 teenager but 3 sisters who live near with 7 kids between them 4 of them being 6 and under and those are my babies as you will read if you follow me ;-))….
now bac to the story so Chino says well I really like the table and I’m like ok oh yeah Chino you take it give me the next one you come across (this was in Sept) so i forgot all about it (as i said i have a table so no real need) anyway early Dec Chino calls me and says come by I have some bookcases for you (That’s a whole otha blog post lol) and it was just the same weekend my mommy had taken me to ikea and got me some bookcases but who am I to say no to abundance so I got to his house to pick up my bookcases and low and behold what is waiting as I walk in ta ta ta

If you’ll notice it was sitting on its side but it was love love love at first sight and I was checking it out quietly Chino says oh yeah that’s your too remember I owe you a coffee table what what what you could have knocked me over beyond thrilled his boss was throwing it out and Chino says I know some one who will love it awwwwwwwwwwwwwww

and so here are the changes I’ve made so far

yes i paited it between christmas n new yrs see tree hee hee

Now I know it needs some sort of pattern on it I’ve got 4 nieces and nephews who will put this table to great use so to have it stay white might not be feasible

I’m definitely on a black and white kick but with Christmas having just passed I loved all the pop of color.  Does anybody else feel like your apt/house looks more naked now ….

I’m thinking I’m feeling the post holidays blues more so cause its really only been 3 months in this new place so it shouldn’t feel dressed (as in not naked as it feels to me right now) I miss all the neighborhood lights tooo

anyway stay tuned to see how the coffee table turns out

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  1. J.Costa says:


  2. ARod says:

    i got some martha stewar stencil today and some silver paint….. i think my vision is in site for completion of this project hip hip hooray lol

  3. I think it will look great with the stencil on. When you finish it, take some good pictures of the piece, blog about it and participate in the link parties!