On my mind Monday…ommm

Is September really over already this year is just flying by…

If you have been waiting on pins & needles to find out how my driving test went.  I passed I passed I passed!!!

I am so happy to finally be a driver again after a 12 yr break.  I have no idea what took me so long but it’s finally done.  Now I am setting the right example for my 18 yr old who still doesn’t have her license but hopefully wont be as lazy as her mother.

Enough about my laziness here’s what I do do…

I am updating my living room coffee table go here to see the first time I did it.  You might have seen it on my instagram.


The craft room is really coming along I think and I have some thrifty finds revamped for this room to show you.


Did you see the September additions to my WHITE MILK GLASS collection I cant wait to throw a birthday dinner.  Even a store bought cake will look fabulous on this cake dish right??


As for Ashes Restored we are on a break, as my partner works out some personal business.  I am not sure that we will get back to business but it was an amazing learning experience.



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ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects

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2 Responses

  1. Brittnei Washington says:

    Aw! So happy for you for passing the test! Congrats to you! You are into decor! I’m loving the vintage look on that table! Thank you for sharing with us on Mommy Monday! Have a fabulous week! xoxo

  2. Congrats on getting your drivers license.