On my mind Monday ommm…

I’ve moved!! well no not me

the blog hee hee it’s now on WP with the great help from

Blogelina Blogger to WordPress Transfer

I tried, but I really couldn’t begin to figure out all the behind the scenes that needed to be done so I just saved up & paid for it to be done. 

I’m pretty excited this is done and now on-wards…


around the apt I am still working on the coffee table


my mom dropped by this weekend and said “did you get a new table again I love it!!” really mom it’s mid revamp lol then I have to stop her from putting her cup down on it lol it’s naked i don’t need to to have rings why does no one understand my madness so I must get it finished this week before I end up having to design around the cup rings lol


I also signed my 3rd year lease this week.  Time flies.  I have a few of my be a good renter tips to share.  


I also have some garage sale treasures to share.  Here’s a peek at some planters, as these two got placed on the front porch right away.  It took me a few day’s but I got some mums to fill them and make them pretty already.  Even with out the makeover that’s sure to come there way soon.  


 I picked up some rust fix/remover to put on them for there paint job but this will wait till after fall and the mums go away for now there already in use.

ommm 9




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ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects

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