On My Mind Monday…OMMM!

Have I mentioned it’s crazy around here… yes probably allot and that’s because it is.  Last week over at Ashes Restored we got to some serious customer work we have two clients with dining rooms to be transformed.  This week we will do the delivery on the first, I cant wait to share some pics, but not until after our client see’s {and hopefully luff luff luff it}.  I know that she will, but I wont lie I been biting my nails and just cant wait to see her reaction.

Here’s a little preview of the before. Hint it is will be in one of my all time favorite color!!

My partner and I were supposed to spend this weekend in Atlantic City with our friends to celebrate our besty friends birthday.  And felt so bad for canceling last minute due to work that we worked extra long on Friday and got up to work really early on Sat so that we could run to AC and make it in time to have her birthday dinner with her and hit the club…
IMG_2900 My business partner Rickey moved apartments the week before last so as soon as we are done with our client work we also have to get started making his place homey (cause it’s what I do!!}.  He’s got some crazy awesome idea’s cant wait to show you how they come together.

Oh and we also met with a new client yesterday. I told you it was crazy around here.  But its such a good kinda crazy getting our business going… Ashes Restored is off and running watch out…
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  1. love u guys and thank you again for coming out ! it meant a lot to see u ..i was sooo shocked that it didnt even seem true 🙂