On My Mind Monday OMMM…

The start of a very special week this is.  My baby will walk across a stage this week and be a high school graduate.  Time really does fly.  I am so looking forward to no more calls from principals and vice principals.  Or the school nurse who believes J when she fake coughs and has me on speed dial.I have no idea what poor parent will replace me on the speed dial but I wish them luck. lol  I am done (OK J is done lol).   IMG_3935
as for the party we are going for my open house BBQ idea since I gave my  honey & J the chance to plan the party nothing moved forward (shocker not really lol)I love love love to plan a party and 1 wk is not my usual time line but fingers crossed, it will get done.  Of coarse it helps that I’ve been doing some, pre-party shopping for the last month definitely helps.  yardwtables

I’m hoping & praying mother nature is on my side on this one.  Wish me luck.
over at Ashes Restored we’ve  had a little  set back and were unable to finish that dining room set so were still working on it and should deliver that this week.  Weather permitting!! I never noticed how much it rained before and now that it shuts down our work, we are painfully aware of the weather.  Forcast is a sunny week so here’s hoping to GETER DONE!!
Were also going to start working on this cute desk, cant wait to show you the after. 

ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects Follow Me

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  1. Good luck for that busy week ahead of you. I wonder what the nurse will do now, with all that free time on her hands and no one to call? Lol.