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better late than never but am I really MOMMY DEAREST

I just got my birthday present from my daughter j.  Better late than never right.  I had asked for my favorite perfume “THE BIG BOTTLE.”of DOLCE & GABANA she knows I like the original. 

She supposedly went out last week to get it, but couldn’t find it anywhere in Newport mall.  And then ended up wasting the money my honey had given her for my present on junk so was forced to wait till her payday this week. 

I give you all this info so that you can see I’m really not an ogre expecting my daughter to go out & beg for cash to get my present.  She has a part time job where she works 28 hrs a week, cause that’s there company max.  Once she started working I let her know, she was now responsible for getting herself to & from work. Dailey she still asks for $$ for this or that, and sometimes she gets it out of us. lol

But given that she is now 18 a HS graduate and facing real life, she should be able to swing a present for her momma right?? Ok so I totally have champagne taste on a beer budget but if there is ever a time to indulge a little.  Your birthday is it right!! lol 

change mothers day to my birthday and well you get the picture right lol lmao

So J’s at the mall and calls me with some bad news here’s how it went

J:  mom i got some bad news for you

me:  J what where are you what happened

J:  your not gonna believe this but they have discontinued your DOLCE & GABANNA

me:  are you outta your mind are you trying to get out of buying my present

J:  no mom really I’ll let you talk to store clerk who just told me

store clerk:  hello

me:  is this for real

store clerk:  yes mamma {god i hate that word} it has been discontinued I’ll give phone back to your daughter

me:  ughhhhhh my life sucks I never get anything I want click…

Yes I totally hung up on her.  So j calls back and is like mom cant you pick another perfume I’m still in mall so I said ok I want tiffany perfume…

J:  Mom I’m at Willowbrook mall not Short Hills will they even have it here

me:  no!!!!!go to short hills duhhhhhhhhhhh

J:  mom my friends are going to kill me this is the second mall already mom cant you pick another??

me:  ok then I want JADORE DIOR {with a smirk on my face cause I know this one is totally expensive}

J:  ok (turns to her bf & friends) she want JADORE DIOR


and as I was still on the phone with j I hear this and totally crack up cause J response to them is

J:  I’m sure its expensive just tell the clerk click

and when she gets home this is what I receive


OH YEAH BABY!! THE BIG BOTTLE she totally loves me {or fears me but I’ll take it} this post has run a little long so I wont tell you how I first became mommy dearest when my J collected Barbies but it’s a dozy lol

coming up this week on the blog…  a stenciled wall for some friends…


at Ashes Restored were hopefully delivery both these dinning sets this week cant wait to show you the after soon I promise.

IMG_0507 IMG_5180

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  1. You’ve got her trained, right! 🙂 Every mama deserves a fabulous birthday – and you definitely got a good one! ((Happy Birthday late, btw))

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