On My Mind Monday Garage sale finds

I hit up a garage sale.  Ok no shocker there. lol I love me a good find.  And I got a great find if I do say so myself…

Ok I do say so myself but wait till you see it.  Unless you already follow my instagram or my Facebook then you might have already seen it.  And did you notice my daughter’s complaint on FB.  She practically called me a HOADER!! OK so she didn’t say that but I’m sure your getting the gist of it.  Can I just take a moment to brag.  I was so happily surprised with her comment.  I could care less what she said.  She is following the blog  FB page woop woop lol.  We put things out there with no idea if anyone will ever come and read it. And I’m sure she is not reading the blog but at least she follows the FB.  It’s a tiny victory for me.

Enough with my mommy musings.  Here’s my great find.

Would you believe it was just $5.  Cha Chinggggg come on home baby.


It’s solid wood.   IMG_7396 When I bought it.  I had great plans for stripping and re-staining it.  But when I got it home I had this brainstorm idea that it might fit in my kitchen.  Well about 2 hours later.  After I cleaned the spot moved out previous furniture, mopped floor & washed this baby up and down.  Here it is…

IMG_7434 It’s just perfect for my thrifted crystal pieces.  Yay no more accidents with my crystal.  Now they have a home.  {Crystal pieces thrift story here}.

How awesome does this piece fit in.  Like a glove right? It was so meant to be.

IMG_7415 I used to have the microwave and toaster on top of this newspaper bench, {its quick revamp story here} but moved that over to a different corner of the kitchen.  Where it now houses all CoCo stuff.

IMG_7417 My kitchen is my least favorite part of this apartment.  But as you can do in any apartment just add thing you love to look at.  And don’t look at the other stuff. lol

Here are some of my kitchen details that I love to look at.

kitchenthingsilove11.2013 So even in a room you dislike, add some things you love.  It will make a much happier room.

I also picked up a new to me lamp set that will need a revamp.  Yes yes I did just do a lamp set last week.  But what can I say I’m hooked…

IMG_7433 Sorry about the bad iphone pic.  When they get there revamps I’ll get much better pictures I promise.

So that was my crazy great weekend.  How was yours??

Tomorrow will be pretty cool around here as Jeanie from CREATE&babble.com will guest post with some.  Christmas decorating with what you have. Incorporating  using collectibles in vignettes.

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ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects

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1 Response

  1. Gracie says:

    Well girl your always have a great find up your sleeve. and lamps too? i’m so behind the eight ball. wish I lived closer I’d go with ya.
    can’t wait to see the revamp! thanks for sharing 🙂