On My Mind Monday

I dont want to get up!!! Is it Monday already? ughhhh
Why why why are the weekends so short??
what I’m working on is…

I’ve done a little thrifting & here’s what I found

a little thrifting

I’m thinking this tray will fit nicely in my bathroom once it gets a new look of coarse & the stand is for J’s room she has a pretty big collection of Dreamcicals {I’ve collected them for her since her birth} some pieces will fit nicely in here and give her more counter room in her room.  The mantel I showed you last week is should be ready this week.
Can you guess what color I painted it??  I’m sure you can if you have followed me for even a little while you know my two favorite colors are black and white.

Over at Ashes Restored we unveiled a few pieces…

which we transformed with love

How great is this buffet turned entertainment center.IMG_3898

We revamped a couple of shelf’s into jewelry holders.  I kept the black {top} corner one for myself.  Ain’t she a beauty?  In my favorite color too oh yeah 😉

You can see I’ve already hung my stuff up in it.

We sold below shelf which was extra extra long and holds about 60 separate jewelry items
We should be delivering that dinning set I showed you last week cant wait to unveil that.
ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects
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  1. Suzan Sweatman says:

    Oh you found some great things Anj – heading over to Ashes now!