NYC taxi cab yellow, Yankee’s & the lake

Hello & how was your weekend?? are they getting shorter or is it just me?? lol

Why is it that when you have a fabulous fabulous weekend Sunday night rolls around awfully quick doesn’t it??

I really had nothing planned for this weekend except trying to convince my monster J of this idea I have for her bedroom she want’s a NYC theme so a couple of weeks ago I ran out and purchased a quart of NYC yellow taxi cab paint at Walmart and I have this idea of painting a stripe (or maybe chevron stripes) around her already some kind of turquoise room (not my choice of base color I let her paint the room when we first moved in and the girl likes color smh so not like her momma) lol well as of yet she is still not on board with my vision so  I have started on the accessories in hopes once she see’s them done she will see my logic


And as I was taking a lil painting break and trolling FB I saw one of my grammar school friends was looking to get rid of Yankee tix for that day OMG Boston vs Yankee’s

so I text him and he says oh Angie from Lafayette{this is what he calls me lol every time he see’s me we went to HS together as well but he always calls me by our grammar school name almost as if that’s my last name I swear he has me listed as that in his cell phone lol) I’ll give you a great deal and I ‘ll bring them over to you now we had 2 hrs before the game


The guy next to me told me he paid $500 bux a seat I didn’t have the heart to tell him I got hooked up for 10% of his price did I already say my grammar school friend ROCKS!!! {Roy in case you eva see this YOU KNOW YOU ROCK!! LOL}
j & I sat in row 2 which is row 1 as there is no row 1


OF COARSE we were a lil late but as soon as we arrive Granderson hits a HR oh yeah!!!!

me & j she claims to be a Met fan but I’ll turn her yet….

and Sunday it was time for some family, fun, & BBQ @the lake
Here’s a peak @ my sista M’s grill man that woman can BBQ but right after she started her grill she had to take a potty break and then it was time for us (Chino & I ) to have some fun
see when the cook is around we are not aloud near her grill…

I totally posted these pic’s  on FB like Chino & I are some hot BBQ cooks lol lmao
and when my sista got back she was pissed she said
“You disrespected the APRON”
LOL lmao oh but it was so much fun
Here is the REAL BBQ CHEF …

yes you are not seeing things there
was PB&J at this BBQ

that’s how we roll IMG_4703

Here’s a peak @ some of the good stuff this grill was going all day that WOMAN CAN COOK!!IMG_4710

 below my Newphew J (in Middle) with two of his besties yes they are twins lol
another peak @ how we roll….
I hope this works we had a blast shooting this video Hope you enjoy
Our AMAZING tickets

IMG_4716 cant leave the ballpark with out some of this

And now its back to work in the “NEW” room on all crafty projects see the pretty DONNA dresser I totally luff it {story here}
And here’s a pick at a trashy treasure coming up this week coffee table #3 {I’m developing a bit of a coffee table habit I also did some dumpster diving this weekend and got (another) coffee table #4, its stashed at Chino’s forgot to take a pic but will post soon}

How was your weekend?? any great finds??

ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects

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2 Responses

  1. momtuition says:

    Not a big baseball fan but those seats look SWEEET! 🙂

  2. S. Franklin says:

    This was so funny! I totally read it in that New “Yowk” accent that I tease my NY friends about lol. Those were amazing seats for the game and the BBQ looked like a lot of family fun.