nxt party’s supplies….Sangria glasses w Chalkboard bottom’s

I had a fabulously productive day off today ….
I started out the morning by taking a long walk w my dogie CoCo….. over to my new Dr office i was scheduled to get my blood work done this morning.  i had to fast since last night midnight… do you know how thirsty you get when you know you cant drink anything….ugh water where are you my friend lol….and don’t let me get started on how badly i wanted/needed coffee this morning!!!!

Coco & I headed straight to DD (right after my appt) which thankfully was only 2 blocks from the Doc’s office.  I try every year in Jan to get my check up’s all in (hence the appt) i was also supposed to go for a mammography but ended up chickening out (I know don’t yell at my no bueno) not that i think there is anything to be afraid of just that it will be my first and so I’m a bit apprehensive but i rescheduled my apt (its in 2 wks so i get to take another day off yaay) and this time I made it for first thing in the morning this way i wont get cold feet its the first thing to do that day.
So because it was a beautiful day outside i decided to get some projects done around the house….full day’s post to follow w pic’s of advancement’s on future project’s

Whenever I work on project’s(more than 1) i like to have at least one that’s complete by end of day and makes me happy to look at ALL DONE.  Here’s today’s

Sangria glasses w Chalkboard bottom’s for upcoming Vday party

Remember these glasses i picked up at Goodwill (seen here)

they were marked 1.99 but yellow label’s were 50%off so 99cents yay
I’ve decided the shape makes them perfect for Sangria
I taped off the stems because i like the clean line it leaves but you don’t have to do this
I picked up Krylon Chalkboard paint at Walmart it was under $4
I was able to do all the sangria glasses and decided to do some wine glasses i had on hand
some glasses needed a second coat but most were good after the first shot
And here they are already on bar I’ll let them dry overnight and then give them a wash tomorrow
All ready for the partaaaaay!!

So now that I have these awesome Sangria glasses I’ve decided to throw a lil valentine’s day soire /suare I’m not sure that’s spelled right I’m thinking cupid could be french oui? lol

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2 Responses

  1. Great idea and those glasses are really nice!!