Notable but not toteable #1 & a used 2B trash PREVIEW

What I left behind….@the thrift shop/or the curb… cause it’s notable but not toteable lol

Notable but not toteable

there were 2 of these babies 105th St NY, NY
but alas I was hoofing it{walking} and didn’t think I could get on the subway with them ;-(
then I get home and as luck would have my teenager walks in all happy “mommy mommy do you want this” 
and show’s me below picture 
[Tweet “”Oh hell yes bring it home to mama!! but check first that it isn’t broken or has bugs””]
it’s from the neighbors 2 houses down I think I’m in luff with them this makes 3 pieces I have revamped from them maybe i should bake them a cake lol
J checked it out and it was a go
wait till you see how I transform this baby…  I”m thinking paint & wallpaper but who knows I might just go a different route.  I’m totally in love with this dresser it will totally go to my closet II.  
to see the finished project click here tiff dresser you won’t believe how awesome it turned out.


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2 Responses

  1. Lisa @ akawest says:

    Bringing home bugs would be bad!
    I am a new Linky follower from the hop!

  2. suzyq says:

    I would have walked all the way to NJ with those beauties LOL –
    And great score on the dresser!