no thrifty haul no loot no pics

it’s been a crazy weekend filled with a ladies night out a sleepless Saturday night and then a quick trip to the emergency room with my monster…

Friday night I met up with my friend Ja and some other ladies and did a lil bar crawl in my old neighborhood a good good time was had by all

Saturday J was feeling better but not herself and by Saturday night was up all night with a sore throat she was crying and moaning so by 5.30am on Sunday we were off to the emergency room, luckily by that time it was pretty empty so we were outta there in a very quick 3 hrs she got a steroid shot and prescriptions for antibiotics and we were off to finally get some sleep

J’s friend showed up about 5 as well as my mom to check in on us so it was parcheese time (it’s my mom’s favorite game) and by 8 pm it was just me and J and she was feeling so much better that it was time to fight with mom about going out do you believe it 

Teenagers ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Hope you all had a better weekend

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