New year New apartment lots of DIY on the horizon

Hello folks so sorry I’ve been on the MIA and I wish that meant I was in Miami but alas it just means missing in action.  Its a new year new apartment so I’ve got lots to fill you all in on.  The problem is there has been a whole lots of action, too much for me.  Things are now just finally settling down.  I’ve finally been able to sit and fill you all in on the developments around here.

I moved back in mid November, yep right before Christmas.  I don’t recommend a move at that time of the year but when you have to do it well it gets done. Lucky for me there was no snow in Jersey that month.  The weekend of the move we did get some rain but mother nature was on my side and kept it to late night showers.  I would sit to rest after all that moving and hear the rain and just think thank GOD it waited.

new year new apartment

A special thanks goes out to my friends and family!  Who always come together to get me moved.  Of coarse they have all sworn off moving me again so I will be in the place for a long long time.  Or until I can find new friends who like moving lots and lots of stuff.  Which doesn’t seem likely.

If you follow me on instagram then you’ve already gotten lots of peaks of the new place.  I am an instagram junkie.  Sharing pictures is really why I started a blog so it makes sense to me that I am so addicted to this social media platform.  You should definitely follow me there if you want to see my life in more real time.

New year new apartment

Moving into a new place a month before Christmas was not easy.  And trying to figure out Christmas décor as I was still living out of boxes ugh double not easy.  I did my best to get boxes out of the way thanks to my friends and family my bedroom and guest room were set up from day 1 of move.  Which made going to bed the easiest part of the move.

Because Christmas was so close to my move I decided not to stress myself with painting walls.  Lucky for me my landlord had told me I could paint whatever I wanted when he interviewed me for the apartment.  My first look at the apartment had me sold when I saw that it had 4 rooms with bay windows.  I knew my plants would love this place.  The biggest challenge I have when looking to move is my dogs.  When I discussed this with him he was sweet warm and inviting to us all.  That’s it I was sold!  Where’s the lease let’s get this thing signed.  And the move was on like donkey kong!

Stay tuned to see all the changes that have already started this new year, new apartment.  If you have been following me for a while you already know nothing stays the same around me.  If your new here you will soon see.  😉




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2 Responses

  1. bren says:

    Your apartment is so gorgeous! I’m loving the windows too 🙂 Can’t wait to see the transformations!