my portable spring fire place

I love love love me some candle light……so much so that I put a bunch of candle holders together in a tray and tah dah!!! portable fire place !!!!
most days it lives in the living room, but every once in a while I bring it into the bedroom and just watch the candle light burn at the foot of my bed where my old coffee table lives… (doesn’t everyone put there old coffee tables in there bedrooms lol ) but enough about coffee tables here is my fire place all dressed up for spring in blue & purple candles (thanks Andréa for the inspiration Winking smile)
not sure why my local 99cent store charges 1.29 for everything ughhhh
this is living room (pre ledges) where the fireplace usually hangs out when not lit on bookshelves and when I light it I move it too coffee table
I picked up some purple and blue tea light holders in rite aid for $1 just 3 but what a difference they make Winking smile
and here it is at the foot of my bed I’m just loving the candle light
Stay tuned……ARod


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  1. Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust says:

    Ah, you’re so cute. I love this idea. Thank you for linking up on Fabulous Friday. By the way, I’m hosting a fun giveaway. You’re invited to pop over & enter:

    Warmly, Michelle