my plants

I think I have a green thumb but I thought I would really test that theory by posting for you (the whole world) lol
to see… and be the judge – I figure I would do this again in a few months and we’ll see if my thumb iz real green (now you can be the JUDGE)
In the sunroom –not its regular spot but I’m working on bar on the other side of the room so for now its here.IMG_0331
In the sunroom- Just got this plant about a week ago in home depot and a hook I need to hang  its an upcoming job for my friend Chino shhhhhhhh don’t tell him (his list getting longer…there’s ledges first &foremost I already made an appt with him for that for sat 3/10) lol
In closet II – this plant made the move w me it now lives in my closet II I think its thriving
In Living room – this one I bought in Sept 2011 upon moving hereIMG_0334
In Kitchen-this one used to belong to my friend Leslie many moons ago and I have killled it and brought it back a few times over the yrs so I am hoping its back on the mend
In Kitchen -this one made the move but hasn’t found a good spot yet…..
In Kitchen- bought this one on sale Sept 2011 cause it was dying look at her now sweet….
In Kitchen – my water plants and the hanging one was a gift from uncle jimmy when he came to live w me
So if your counting that’s 11 altogether I gots me a lil forest I think but hey they either make or clean the air I don’t know which but I’ve heard having plants is good IMG_0338
And so I moved this one its now in Bathroom let’s see how long it last here lol
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