an update on my Pallet garden growth

So I’ve told you all how I was pallet garden dreaming & then shared my pallet garden progress.  Today I bring you and update on my pallet garden growth.  My green thumb seems to be in full effect this season.  I love all the green now sprouting all around my garden.  I’ve had a few of the seeds start to bloom.  The bulbs of gladiolas I planted all along the top are really growing now.  I did have some start to grow and then just wither so I’ve just this week added some new bulbs.


my pallet garden growth

It’s such fun to walk out there every morning and see what new plant has bloomed.  I’ve got baby breath and for get me knots already blooming.  Along side the violets I had purchased already blooming.

I water my garden usually twice a day.  At 6 am when I let the dogs for the morning.  And then again around 6 pm once I’m home from work.  Of course I have have some help around the garden.  From my every curious grandson who did get yelled at when I caught him helping me.  Right after I snapped this picture of coarse.


My pallet garden growth makes me pretty happy.  And the fact that my grandson shares in my love for nature is a double win don’t you agree?


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Look at the bright side rain certainly helps everything grow #palletgarden #bloomingnj #mypalletgarden

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4 Responses

  1. Carolann says:

    Looking great Anj! I love your little helper there. What a doll! I love all the green too!

  2. Great idea! Especially since little fingers can help, too!

  3. How cute is this?! Especially for a limited space outdoor area. Love it!!!! Glad I found you on the Chic on a Shoestring link up!

  4. Sue says:

    This year it is really taking off beautifully. A very cute photo of Damon helping you; of course, he loves to dig in the dirt too.