my love wall….

My love wall is a wall  on  this little hall en-route to my kitchen – which no matter how hard I try always becomes the center of my parties… Why is it that people always gather in the kitchen??

For New Year/New Start I outsmarted my family by taking all the chairs out of the kitchen and moving them into sun room {arnt I clever?} that made the sun room party central and I loved it but I digress lol

Its a small wall and I thought it needed something so while out looking for inspiration at the 99 cent store I came across these love quotes and the inspiration for the love wall was born….

I’m single now so I’m hoping that seeing  these people (my family & friends) so in love on the day they commit themselves to each other (coincidentally they all turned out be pic’s on there wedding days) will be my inspiration to find lasting love (Here’s hoping….)
My sister & favorite brother in law
My favorite cousin & hubby plus her best friend & hubby I went to that awesome wedding in St Thomas
One of my favorite aunts & uncle along with one of my closest friends & her wonderful hubby


stay tuned….xoxo Arod
The SweetTalk Shop
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a Valentine’s day update to my LOVE wall…

bring on the l o v e !!!!

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