My Junk where is it….

In order to join these fabulous bloggers at a great party I’m going to show you my junk.  Don’t judge this is the theme of the party so this room was not cleaned up or arranged for this shoot… Update I actually missed the party ;( I was to busy pre-party for St Paddy’s but decided to run this post anyway as you will see I need these ladies motivation.
I told you about my new empty room, months {&months} ago.  I wanted to use it as a painting space.  And I do consider it to be paint storage but as for actual painting space your about to see why it’s not…
IMG_0082 These pics were taken of this room back in January {i cringe} and to work on this post I went in today and took some new ones.  Get ready to cringe…

At least these two end tables were moved since January. There actually half transformed & in use in my bedroom as you will see below.

My Junk where is it

It’s here there and everywhere lolIMG_2006
and yes folks seeing all this junk in pictures is a real wake up call I need to clean this room up before my daughter puts in a call to hoarders on me….
My mom is on the way over for little mother daughter bonding time and she will complain.  I can hear it now…
So I already found a spot for the big mirror which by the way my daughter picked up for me on her way home one day last week… Isn’t that love when your teenager will curbside rescue for you 🙂
Nope I didn’t realize I hadn’t even made the bed yet!!! and my mom is coming!!!
Here much better
So off to finish cleaning up I go.  Your never to old to get yelled by you moms right?  lol Have a very Happy St Patrick’s day all
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ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects

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8 Responses

  1. Heather Graham says:

    Oh, honey! I think everyone has a room that looks like that… I’m rummaging through mine, as we speak! My problem is that I store all of my craft supplies in my messy room, and when I’m in there to clean, I get distracted by the crafts that I want to do! LOL! I’m sure that when you are done with it… it will be beautiful… you’re so talented! As for your mama, no worries… mine is still quick to play the “I’m the mama” card, too! haha!

  2. Don’t worry, right now I have two rooms + the garage that look like that!

  3. Great place for a mirror LMAO

  4. Hi there! I’m visiting from Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, and I want to assure you that despite what people may tell you…EVERYBODY has a space that looks like that!!!! It’s part of the deal…if you enjoy decorating, you’re going to have stuff, and if you have stuff you’re going to have to store it, and if you don’t live in a warehouse the size of a Sears store, you’re going to have a space that looks out of sorts!!! 🙂 So you’re not alone by any stretch! You’re just brave enough to put it out there for all to see! I did the same thing about a year ago, and I’m not sorry I did. The people need to know the truth!!! 🙂

    I’m impressed that your teen picked up that great mirror for you! Good looking out!

    I see the transformed nightstands in your bedroom. They look good! I’m glad you have the patience to work with things!!! That really saves a lot of money AND gets you exactly what you want!

    Fun post! Thank you for sharing!!!

  5. Hahaha, you should see my garage, the only reason I didn’t use that as my space is because I can’t get in there. Love it and please join our next Tongue in Cheek Tuesday. No matter how many room redo and updates we do, we’re all hoarders!

  6. TheMoonAndMe says:

    That’s kinda how our basement is…the cast-off space. 🙂 I have a project area down there but can’t even sit on the chair and the table top can’t bee seen.
    Good luck with your de-hoarding. 🙂

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